A spin reel for all occasions

Shimano says its new Stella SWB series will change the way people think about spinning reels forever.

Blue marlin, giant bluefin tuna, house-size giant trevally and those once uncatchable monster dogtooth tuna are now comfortably within reach of all angling extremists. As for more mortal fish, well they really don’t stand a chance.

Using X-Ship, a feature in a number of high-end Shimano threadline reels, the SWB series of 13 reels enjoys enhanced power transmission through the gears for increased cranking power. The 20 per cent thicker barrier gear with a proprietary surface coating is said to be 38 per cent stronger than the existing Stella SW.

The use of High Rigidity Aluminium in the body, as well as being a weight saver, won’t twist or warp, keeping the internals in perfect alignment, while being impervious to the effects of salt water.

There are no fewer than 14 SA-RB bearings inside, so line retrieval via the new cold-forged aluminium handle is as effortless as can be, even under punishing loads.

The rotor, titanium bail wire, and a SW barrier-coated Diamond Like Carbon bail roller all combine to deliver rigidity, strength and power, to make fishing jigs and high resistance lures like poppers so much easier.

To stop these sorts of fish, you obviously need a serious drag system. X-Tough Drag, with its Coil Wave Spring and increased washer size means enhanced drag consistency at every compression level, but especially at the high end where greater control is needed.

As Stellas are made for extreme fishing circumstances, Shimano’s proprietary X-Shield and X-Protect gaskets and rubber-seal system keeps both low and high pressure water out of the reel, meaning that they will continue to perform with out-of-the-box freshness, regardless of the sea conditions.

There are 13 reels in the lineup, with the option of higher speed or more low down grunt, depending on the fishing technique or the target species. So whether flicking Squidgies around for snapper, or going toe-to-toe with something that has ‘giant’ or ‘blue’ or ‘tooth’ in its name, the Shimano Stella SWB can handle it.

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Published : Monday, 24 June 2013

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